TSG & Chadwick Lawrence: Make cybersecurity your priority

Sep 2021

TSG & Chadwick Lawrence: Make cybersecurity your priority

TSG’s Rob Fletcher will be joining us to discuss the value of Cyber Essentials as a framework and roadmap towards good security practices and will be touching on the importance of user awareness training and best practice in this area. Rob is both CISSP and CISM accredited and has worked in the field of cyber and information security for 20 years.

As a leading managed IT service provider, TSG champions a proactive approach to cybersecurity, and its comprehensive security offering focuses on identifying, visualising and proactively remediating risks before they are exploited.

Chadwick Lawrence will also be presenting on the GDPR consequences of cyber security. This will include the legal obligations applicable to your organisation as well as the criminal and civil law consequences if things go wrong.

Chadwick Lawrence regularly defend GDPR claims brought against companies as well as act for individuals seeking to enforce their GDPR rights and they will discuss the cases they have been involved in which cyber security issues occurred and how best to protect your organisation in this complex area of law.

To book your place on this webinar, please follow the link below. You will then receive the link to the webinar once you have signed up. https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/smnzcEupZUSMbXKK3yWQjQ,q22IvduOIESvC68fWNBLQA,xjTgcmXH8kGn5mEVZTZw-A,ORJanxs9XESM1LwXjpYFaw,p73AClEGXUuWvNK0tBek-w,R36hvaXK602DIK7R0K0lCg?mode=read&tenantId=70f369b2-a94b-4465-8c6d-728adf25908d