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Private Contract Disputes

Our contract disputes lawyers can advise on all aspects of your rights. We can provide you with help when a contractual relationship breaks down.

Almost every transaction involves a contract. A contract does not need to be in writing to be binding and it exists to formalise the relationship between parties. Contractual relationships are formed when we buy or sell goods or pay for services.

Our experienced team is able to advise you on all aspects of your rights as a consumer. We can provide you with guidance when a contractual relationship breaks down. We understand that it is often stressful and frustrating when one party does not fulfil their part of the contract. Our aim is to assist you to reach a resolution of any dispute as efficiently as possible.

It is up to the parties to agree the terms of a contract. Disagreement can arise in relation to the interpretation of contractual terms. We can assist you to understand the terms of a contract where there is a dispute over its meaning.

The law has intervened to provide protection to consumers through statute for example contracts for the sale of land, insurance contracts, financial agreements and consumer credit agreements.

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