Media Law and Reputation


Sometimes, it may be necessary to seek protection from harassment, which often sits alongside adverse publications against a company or individuals. Chadwick Lawrence has significant experience when seeking protection from harassment. It is necessary to show that there has been a certain course of conduct, prior to embarking upon proceedings seeking protection from harassment, but the expert team at Chadwick Lawrence can help you to identify the likely prospects of exploring protection from harassment.

Chadwick Lawrence has experience of acting on behalf of companies, seeking to protect employees from harm caused as a result of repeated and continuous conduct, which amounted to harassment. The steps taken by Chadwick Lawrence meant that those employees were able to receive comfort from further contact and business was allowed to continue.

The nature of this work often means that it is last minute and urgent, whereby often an injunction is required, seeking to protect harm that is being caused, by virtue of an unwanted course of conduct.

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