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Our Employment Tribunal Experts can assist in all employment tribunal matters, ranging from dismissal claims to unpaid wages.

You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been dismissed. You may have appealed the decision but your employer was unwilling to overturn the decision. Alternatively, as a result of your employer’s actions, you may have been left with no choice but to resign.

You are now left with the daunting proposition of pursuing your matter in the employment tribunal. Our expert team can assist in all employment tribunal matters ranging from complex dismissal and discrimination claims to unpaid wages.

Initially, we will assess your case and tell you in straightforward terms whether you have a case or not. If you do, our team of employment litigation specialists will act on your behalf and complete all necessary steps in the tribunal process including:

  • Preparing the ET1 Claim Form
  • Compiling evidence and preparing persuasive witness statements
  • Representing you at all tribunal hearings

It is quite common for employment tribunal claims to result in settlement. If your case fits into this category, we will achieve the best possible settlement on the most advantageous terms.

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