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Funding Your Case

At Chadwick Lawrence, we understand the importance of providing you with accurate and transparent advice about the likely costs of your case. Before we begin work on your case we will always discuss our charges and confirm these in writing to you with our terms and conditions. We are able to consider the following options with you at a free initial interview.


Full Representation

We offer competitive hourly rates and monthly billing so that we can deal with your case from start to finish in a transparent and structured way.

Please contact us to discuss this further together with your particular requirements.


Fixed Fees

We understand that it is important that you have some certainty around what costs you might incur in pursuing your case. As such, wherever your case allows we will do our very best to fix our fees for the work you require. In order to ensure that you receive the very best service and advice we fix our fees on a case by case basis.


Pay As You Go

If you feel confident in undertaking some of the work on your own case, such as sending and receiving letters and preparing documents, then our pay as you go service may be for you.

You pay for the advice you want when you want it.

We can still assist in drafting any necessary documents. You will remain the first point of contact with the other parties and the court It provides you with greater flexibility than our Full Representation package. Working with us via this scheme enables you to receive clear, focussed advice as and when it suits you to take it. Whilst cutting your costs, our service and commitment to giving clear, focussed advice is not compromised.

Typically you would access advice in face to face meetings, the costs of which are met immediately at the end of that meeting.

This approach to a case does not suit everyone and if you feel at any point that you require more advice and support in dealing with emails, letters and court attendances then you can easily and quickly switch to full representation whilst remaining with the same lawyer.

Our rates for this service are £200 plus vat per hour.


Client Credit

If your case involves the settlement and recovery of financial assets it is possible that our department can access litigation funding from an external source on your behalf to alleviate the immediate burden of meeting legal costs.

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