Road Traffic & Motoring Law

Use of a Mobile Phone

This offence is essentially that you have driven (or allowed or permitted someone to drive) whilst using a hand-held mobile telephone or for what is termed as an “interactive function” (texting, using social media etc).

The nature of the offence means it is open to challenge depending upon the circumstances of what you were doing and what happened. As always, early advice before you take any action after being charged is essential.

The minimum sentence is 6 points and a fine. You can plead guilty to the offence through the post and will automatically receive this sentence, but because of the number of permutations as to whether or not you have committed the offence, and whether a guilty plea is most appropriate, should take advice before doing so.

You should also be aware that if you have held a full driving licence for less than 2 years and you plead or are found guilty to the offence your licence will be automatically cancelled by the DVLA and you’ll have to re-take your driving test.


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