In a world where commercial agreements are at the heart of every businesses, Link from Chadwick Lawrence gives clients the clarity and protection they require to strengthen their business.

Our team of legally qualified advisors have a wealth of experience in reviewing, drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements.

We know two businesses are never the same, so that’s why we have developed a flexible commercial retainer that allows you to pick and choose the exact elements that you require.

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Key benefits to LINK

    • We work on a bespoke retainer meaning we can tailor our services to your commercial needs;
    • We take time to learn about your business so we can ensure that your contracts deliver the value and benefit you need;
    • We help to minimise the legal risks you may face as a business;
    • We pride ourselves on understanding risk and commerciality and this is at the forefront of all the advice we give;
    • We don’t sit on the fence – we give you our view and provide comprehensive and decisive advice;
    • We work on a monthly or annual costing giving you certainty and flexibility;
    • Our retainer allows you to pay for just what you need, and is adaptable over time as/when your objectives change;
    • We are part of a wider team at Chadwick Lawrence, with complementary employment and corporate departments and an array of private client services to manage all your needs.

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Why contracts are so
important to businesses

An effective and enforceable contract can be the key for any business as:

• It helps to create certainty both as to the terms of the contract itself and when it was entered into
• It ensures both parties know exactly what has been agreed and prevents costly disputes
• If there are any disputes the parties have a clear and concise document to refer to

Whether you are the buyer or seller, contracting on your terms can help improve your position and protect your business.

A custom drafted contract will ensure that the terms of the agreement confirm what is intended by all parties.


As our client we are proud to deliver you a commercial retainer which can offer the following services:

• A review of your commercial contracts
• Drafting/amending commercial contracts
• Commercial review of your terms and conditions
• Unlimited telephone advice relating to your commercial contracts
• Personal invitations to exclusive networking opportunities
• A bi-monthly updated newsletter


The LINK team specialise in drafting, reviewing and negotiating:

• terms and conditions for the supply of good and/or services
• purchasing terms
• service agreements
• terms and conditions for online sales
• introduction agreement
• consultancy agreements
• collaboration agreement
• lease/hire agreements
• confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
• subcontractor agreements
• sponsorship agreements
• IT contracts