Residential Property Disputes

Disputes between Co-Owners

Our residential property disputes team have significant experience of helping clients to achieve their desired outcome in cases in which the property is owned jointly by two or more individuals and due to other circumstances, regardless of what they are, have resulted in a co-owners dispute.

It is a fact of life that in spite of the best of intentions co-owners may end up in a dispute with each having different plans for the jointly owned property. We will do our best to skilfully negotiate a solution acceptable to all parties. In the event that that is not possible we can represent you in court proceedings including proceedings under the Trusts of Land and Trustees Act 1996 in order to obtain an appropriate order from the court including an order for sale if that is what is required by you.

If yourself and an individual have become involved in a co-owners dispute regarding a property that you share, we understand this can be a difficult time for all involved. We handle these cases, to the best of our ability, outside of court where possible. Most of our cases are resolved through out of court settlements in line with the your objectives. Those that are not settled out of court are pursued with full force and vigour with a view to achieving the desired objective at court.

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