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Drink Driving

Being charged with driving whilst over the legal limit is always a daunting and stressful experience. This is a strict liability offence which means that your state of mind when committing the offence is irrelevant. You may however avoid or reduce a driving ban if you can successfully argue ‘special reasons’. Special reasons can only be successful in very limited circumstances which relate to the offence, not you as an individual. These may include driving under duress or threat of immediate violence, driving for a very short period of driving in an emergency where there was no alternative.

Otherwise, if found guilty and convicted, you will be banned from driving from anything from a year upwards depending upon the amount of alcohol in your system. Our expertise comes in limiting the length of the ban you will receive, as well as the level of fine. We will fight to ensure that you are off the road for the shortest time possible.

If your alcohol reading is particularly high, you may be faced with a community order or even imprisonment for up to 26 weeks.

In all cases it is vital that you take our advice at an early stage so that we can assess the police’s evidence against you, consider your full circumstances, and if a guilty plea is appropriate; work with you to minimise the sentence and the impact for you.

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