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Dec 2019

Microscopic strands of ‘DNA origami’ could boost effectiveness of antibiotics and halt the rise of superbugs

Scientists at the University of Cambridge found a technique whereby the microscopic devices crafted from intricately folded strands of DNA, and forcing bacteria into contact with drugs, slowed the growth rate of two common bugs, one of which was E. coli. They added that the folded DNA method could allow lower doses of antibiotics to…

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Nov 2019

Antibiotic-resistant superbug infections hit all-time high in the US

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed that more Americans are being infected by antibiotic-resistant superbugs than ever before. According to the recently released figures, fungi and bacteria that do not respond to standard antibiotics are the cause of 2.8 million infections and 35,000 deaths in the US…

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Mar 2019

Pressure to reduce antibiotic prescriptions puts elderly at increased sepsis risk

Experts have warned that the war on superbugs is increasing the risk of elderly people dying from sepsis. In a bid to stop infections from becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment, GPs are being put under more and more pressure to reduce prescriptions, with local health boards being offered payments if they bring down their prescription…

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Jan 2019

Five year plan unveiled to tackle ‘urgent’ global antibiotic resistance threat

The health secretary plans to unveil a new five year plan to tackle the problem of drug-resistant superbugs amid claims that they are as big a threat as climate change. Infections have become harder to treat due to overuse of antibiotics, leading to thousands of deaths each year through drug-resistant superbugs. The new plan will…

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Dec 2018

Tests reveal some superbugs thought to be antibiotic-resistant can be treated

Laboratory trials have concluded that some superbugs which were thought to be unresponsive to antibiotics may be resilient. However, researchers are now hopeful that they can test to identify the infections that initially respond to the drugs, but eventually regain power, allowing doctors to target the bug at its weakest point. There is a global…

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