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Sep 2020

Section: Medical Negligence

Experts warn women wait six times longer than men to be diagnosed with heart failure

Experts have warned that as heart failure is seen as a ‘man’s disease’, women are waiting six times longer than men to be diagnosed, and are twice as likely to be misdiagnosed with a condition such as depression or asthma, waiting for an average of 20 weeks for the condition to be identified, compared to…

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Jul 2019

Millions of women could be living with undiagnosed heart failure

A recent report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Health state that women are unnecessarily dying from strokes and heart attacks as the conditions are seen as ‘male diseases’. It also appears that the same applies to women with heart failure. Female patients account for 40 per cent of the 900,000 people diagnosed with…

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Oct 2018

Pioneering implant to be offered to patients with debilitating heart failure

A new nerve-stimulating battery-powered implant is to be made available to patients in the UK with severe heart failure, offering hope to patients where standard treatments provide no relief. The implant, known as Barostim Neo, is sited in the chest below the collar-bone. A wire protruding from a small generator is connected beneath the patient’s…

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