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Oct 2016

Cancer immunotherapy drug potential ‘game changer’

The European Cancer Congress has presented promising results in a study of 350 head and neck cancer patients. In the study, the number of patients surviving for longer whilst taking the drug, nivolumab, exceeded those being treated with chemotherapy. In the trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 36% of the patients trialled…

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Apr 2016

New ‘game changer’ drug for head and neck cancer

The new drug, Nivolumab, boosts the patient’s immune system to fight tumours instead of using standard chemotherapy. It dramatically improved the survival rates of patients in recent US trials and experts say it could be a ‘game changer’ in fighting aggressive head and neck cancers. The drug is currently available on the NHS for advanced…

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Mar 2016

Cancer scanners reduce the risk of surgery

A study has suggested that hundreds of thousands of patients could be spared from risky operations through the use of a scanner. Head and neck tumours are treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, currently followed up by an operation to confirm the outcome of the tumour following the treatment. The operation takes three hours and comes…

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