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Jun 2019

Pioneering ‘living drug’ gives hope to terminal blood cancer patients

A new pioneering treatment has been offered to lymphoma patients which genetically re-programmes their immune system to fight cancer. The new CAR-T therapy, is a ‘living drug- which is personalised to each patient by using their body’s own cells. The process involves with removal of white blood cells, also known as T-cells, from the patient’s…

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Feb 2019

Child becomes first NHS patient to receive pioneering CAR-T cancer therapy

An 11-year old is the first NHS patient to receive the therapy which uses the body’s cells to fight cancer. The CAR-T therapy, called Kymriah, involves the removal of cells and adapting them so they are able to recognise cancer cells. It is licensed to treat B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patients up to the age…

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