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Jan 2019

Converting breast cancer cells into fat cells may stop spread

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and according to Cancer Research, there are currently around 150 people diagnosed each day in the UK. Scientists at the University of Basel in Switzerland have shown that by turning breast cancer cells into harmless fat cells could stop them from spreading. The research, which has been trialled…

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Nov 2018

Scientists cultivate genetically modified virus that can destroy cancer cells

Scientists at Oxford University have cultivated a genetically modified virus which is able to destroy cancer cells. The virus targets both cancer cells and healthy cells, known as fibroblasts, which protect the cancer from the immune system. Current treatment that destroys fibroblasts, could also kill those in the skin and bone marrow. According to those…

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Jul 2018

New drug helps body to ‘eat and destroy’ cancer cells

Scientists have developed a new drug to eat and destroy cancerous cells by boosting the action of white blood cells that the immune system uses to destroy unwanted invaders. The therapy has been successfully tested on mice with aggressive skin and breast tumours and the team behind the study hope to start human trials within…

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