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Aug 2020

Section: Medical Negligence

New Alzheimer’s drug could be approved for use in US by March 2021

An experimental Alzheimer’s drug will get a fast track review for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to the treatment’s makers. If approved, the drug aducanumab would be the first treatment designed to delay progression of the disease. In studies undertaken last year, the highly-anticipated drug improved brain function for patients…

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Mar 2020

Alzheimer’s can be swiftly detected through simple blood test

Scientists in the US say the simple blood test can detect Alzheimer’s disease early in patients visiting their doctor with deteriorating memory. They added that the test, which is faster and more accurate than current methods, could be used by practitioners within the next five years. The test measures levels of a protein called tau…

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Feb 2020

Wearable device to detect early stages of Alzheimer’s being launched

The Edon (Early Detection of Neurogenerative Diseases) project is being spearheaded by charity Alzheimer’s Research UK. The project will initially analyse data from ongoing studies into the disease through the use of artificial intelligence, the information from which will be used to design a prototype device within three years. The wearable device will collect an…

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Jan 2020

Study finds 40% accuracy in prediction of Alzheimer’s brain tissue damage

The study led by the University of San Francisco Memory and Aging Center, found that the build-up of a harmful protein in the brain can predict atrophy in Alzheimer’s disease patients at least one year in advance. Whilst previous studies have shown that two tell-tale plaques, amyloid beta and tau, develop clumps which smother and…

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