You at Chad Law

You at Chadwick Lawrence

To attain our mission of ‘Being the Best at What we do’ Chadwick Lawrence needs a fantastic, happy, positive, empowered and skilled team.  We want to do all we can to ensure that our team are all of these things. This is not the easiest of tasks as we grow as a Firm. Every day brings its own challenges, but we believe that by all working together to make sure that we communicate effectively we continue to make Chadwick Lawrence a great place to work.

This booklet gives you an idea of what we are trying to achieve across the Firm and how important you are to that. Not only this, but if there is anything that you think is missing, anything that you need clarifying, or if you have an idea that might make a difference to the Firm, or make life easier generally, please let us know. We want to make sure that you feel happy and comfortable to raise that.

We work in a competitive market; so how we work and how do things evolve over time.  We support a culture where we all feel happy and comfortable to express our thoughts and to offer ideas that would make a real difference to Chadwick Lawrence and which contribute to the Firm’s development and growth.

We cooperate with our work colleagues, trusting that they will deliver on what they promise
• We are willing to help others when needed
• We share a common vision of the future
• We are good team players
• We actively seek ways to help each other
• We build long term relationships
• We actively listen to others
• We give people the benefit of the doubt
• We effectively resolve conflict within the team
• We openly communicate with others and encourage our work colleagues to do the same
• We create a positive team climate and influence others, ensuring that the team perform effectively
• We build loyalty and capability within the team
• We celebrate the achievements of our work colleagues
• We provide opportunity for our team to share their achievements with others