What do we expect

The Chadwick Lawrence Way. What do we expect.

As a firm of professional solicitors and legal experts, we deliver a commercially successful legal practice, taking ownership of revenue and expenditure within our remit and applying the policies of the firm at all times.

We invest in the learning and development of our colleagues.

We take action in continuing to improve team performance.

We offer help and advice to our work colleagues, responding effectively to their requests for guidance.

We show commitment to the development of our colleagues through the Firm’s appraisal and PDP process.

We give positive and constructive feedback, offering praise and rewards for the good work that our work colleagues do.

We create an environment where people want to learn.

We actively seek opportunities to delegate responsibility for key tasks within the department, in order to develop others.

We build loyalty and capability with our work colleagues.

We ensure that all opportunities to learn are pursued.

We have an open door policy and take responsibility for decision making.

We never fail to motivate our work colleagues and always provide direction and support.

We wont apply inappropriate pressure on our work colleagues.

We never leave our work colleagues in the dark by failing to communicate or share information amongst each other.

We always provide feedback.

We think that staff development is the responsibility of firm and senior management.

We create the opportunities for people to learn through support, training and development programmes.